Complexity is the Real Enemy

titleComplexity is the Real Enemydate2021-05-05path/complexity-is-the-enemyauthorRick LoveexcerptKeep your code as simple as possibletagscode, architecture

Code complexity is the enemy to productivity.

Tips to keep your typescript/node/react code simple:

  • Minimize Dependencies
    • Eliminate as many dependencies as possible
  • Minimize Imports
    • Especially watch for files imported from a great distance, the more complex the import path, the more likely it should be eliminated
  • Minimize function input and output types
    • An inline type with only the required fields that are used in the function is the ideal input type definition since it only defines the minimal input interface
    • Never use type definitions that you don't control
    • Use implicit typing for return type when possible
    • Only declare the return type when you want to ensure type correctness of the function itself
  • Minimize branching
    • Never use a nested if statement
    • Never use an else statement
    • Handle error cases first and throw an error or return early
    • Handle exceptional cases first and return early
    • Handle simple cases first and return early
    • As you handle the cases, the typescript type system will narrow the remaining type to it's remaining possibilities
  • Remove everything possible - the bare minimal is always the goal
  • Organize code by features not by structure

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2021-05-05Complexity is the Real Enemycode, architecture



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