Course: Todo App (Unfinished)

titleCourse: Todo App (Unfinished)date2020-11-03path/course/todo-appauthorRick LoveexcerptThe Todo App course demonstrates a full stack react app with lambda and dynamodb backend from scratchtagscourse, lesson, typescript, react, aws, lambda, dynamodb

tl;dr 20 years of software engineering boiled down to the most minimal course as a foundation for any scale app.


In this course, you will create a full-stack web-app from scratch.

You will write and understand every line of code.

You won't depend on external code that hides away important functionality. You will use only a few foundational frameworks/tools that give you full control over everything: React + Serverless Framework.

You will publish your app and host it using Netlify and Aws. Your app will easily scale to handle millions of users, but it will cost nothing for the free tier (which will handle thousands of users). However, you code can easily be modified to be hosted anywhere.

Everything will be written in Typescript. Everything will be perfectly typed. Everything will be under your control giving you full power.

The code architecture and file organization will teach you how to build an app of any size without introducing additional complexity.


Dedicate your life to serving others and be passionate with everything you do.

I want to give you the best of my skills so that you can use those to the benefit of others.

I want to empower you to make a positive impact everywhere.

Be thankful and love others.

Status: Unfinished

Note: This course is not finished. However a preview is availabe here:


  • Frontend: User Interface
  • Frontend: Todo Mock Service
  • Frontend: Custom useAsyncWorker react hook
  • Backend: AWS Lambda with Serverless Framework
  • Backend: AWS DynamoDb
  • Frontend: Todo Service
  • Frontend: User Accounts
  • Backend: User Accounts

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