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Remove all the placeholder content and fill your blog with you.

Customize your About Page

  • Open pages/about.md
  • Write a short bio about yourself as a new software developer

Remove the Placeholder Content

We won't delete this yet, so you can look back on it for a reference.

  • Rename posts/example.md to posts/example.md.old
  • Rename posts/hello.md to posts/hello.md.old
  • Rename pages/showcase.md to pages/showcase.md.old

Later, when you no longer need a reference, you can delete these files.

Customize the Site Navigation

  • Open gatsby-config.js
  • Customize the siteMetadata near the top of the file
    • Change the title, author, etc.
    • Comment out the showcase and example nave sections
    • Example:
// ...
  siteMetadata: {
    title: `blog_rick_love`,
    description: `It's about development mostly`,
    copyrights: '2020 Copyright Rick Love',
    author: `Rick Love`,
    logo: {
      src: '',
      alt: '',
    logoText: 'blog_rick_love',
    defaultTheme: 'dark',
    postsPerPage: 5,
    showMenuItems: 2,
    menuMoreText: 'Show more',
    mainMenu: [
        title: 'About',
        path: '/about',
      // {
      //   title: 'Showcase',
      //   path: '/showcase',
      // },
      // {
      //   title: 'Example',
      //   path: '/example',
      // },
// ...

Bonus: Change the Cursor Color

  • Try to figure out how to change the cursor color that is blinking in the top left
  • Hint: Its a style
  • If you need help, you can always look in the github for my blog and see how I did it.

Commit and Push to Deploy

  • Commit your changes
  • Push to Github
  • Wait for Netlify to Deploy
  • Check Your Site

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