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tl;dr: Ensure that your software provides a beneficial impact on the life of each person who uses it.


We software developers: engineers, designers, architects, etc. - all need to ensure that using out software is healthy and beneficial.


  • How does using my software affect each user's life?
  • How much time would be healthy for a person to use this?
  • How often would I encourage my child to use this (assuming they had the role of the intended audience)?
  • How does using this affect the user's social health?
  • How does using this affect the user's physical health?
  • How does using this affect the user's financial health?
  • How does this empower the user to be an excellent human?
  • How does my role in developing this software affect my concern for each user?

Related Concepts

  • User Friendly - your software is easy to use and each user action fulfills the user's expectations
  • User Respectful - you respect users as peers and fellow persons - and speak about them with respectful languange
  • User Trustwothy - you and your software are worthy to be trusted by the user - you protect each person and they would be thankful understanding all the details about how you treat their data
  • User Empowering - your software empowers each person to be a more excellent human
  • User Loving - you and your software demonstrate the mutual love that every person should have for one another


This is pretty short, but hopefully it is a seed. I could write a book on this topic, but perhaps it will still be useful to think about the above questions and points.

If we are intentional about providing a benefit to each person who uses our software, it will have a powerful impact on how we invest our time and resources.

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